EVVA AirkeyCredits 100

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100 times creating or changing an identification medium with any number of access authorizations
Recommended use 1-9 people Frequent changes in authorization
50-100 people Rare changes in authorization
You use all the features of a fully developed access software and, thanks to the free AirKey software, only pay for what you actually need.
Only one KeyCredit is required to create or change an identification medium with any number of access authorizations.
You can switch to KeyCredit Unlimited at any time. You will of course retain any remaining credit and can continue to use it after the
KeyCredit Unlimited has expired.


AirKey makes your life easier and gives you greater independence.
With AirKey you can open doors with your smartphone, send keys via SMS and easily organise your entire access control system.
Consequently, AirKey offers you maximum freedom and maximum security – professionally or privately.
EVVA Airkey:
AirKey cylinders are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
They represent the central AirKey system security product featuring plug-pulling and drilling protection,
rotary damper and an integrated secure element to guarantee secure data archiving. Thanks to its modular
design the cylinder is easy to install and adapt in length.
– Sending keys to smartphones online
– Free app and online administration
– For small to complex access control systems
– Product quality and data security made in Austria

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